About company


The Czech company Stopskate s.r.o., based in Olomouc, was founded in 2017 as a technological startup, which focused on the development of the first electronic brake for inline skates.

In 2020, we participated in the world’s largest consumer electronics trade fair CES in Las Vegas, where many media agencies noticed this new product and the Czech patent. For example, Reuters agency chose this startup in a competition of 2 500 companies among “The best of CES 2020”.

Following this event, the production and sale of electronic braking systems for four-wheel and three-wheel skates of the fitness category was started.

We focuse on the development, production and distribution of electronic braking systems all over the world and we would like to make inline skating safer and more comfortable than before.

You can find, for example, high-quality and durable wheels and other accessories for inline skates and the electronic braking systems in our e-shop.