Frequently asked questions

Could I fall down while braking?

If you follow the operating instructions, it is virtually impossible to fall down or injure yourself when using the EBS 480 braking system. The control of this electronic brake is designed so that the braking effect is very smooth and depends only on the skater, what braking force he will use. Braking with the EBS 480 brake is comfortable and really safe.

Does this brake really work?

Yes! The Stopskate EBS 480 electronic braking system is the world’s first true in-line skating brake to be fully functional and to the state of the art.

Please see our videos to see with yourself how braking with the EBS 480 braking system is simple and efficient. No more risking and thinking how to slow down or stop safely at any time. This brake is not only fully functional, but also absolutely reliable.

Can I keep the original heel brake on the skates at the same time?

Most in-line skating designs allow the EBS 480 electronic braking system to be mounted without removing the so-called foot brake. Certainly, after some time, when you are very happy to use our braking system, it will seem unnecessary to have this outdated type of foot brake on your skates, which you will only ride while driving.

Is it possible to use the EBS 480 for inline skates with three wheels?

EBS 480 is specially designed for in-line skating with four wheels. Compatibility conditions can be found on the packaging, assembly instructions, and the SUPPORT page on this website.

We are currently developing braking systems for three-wheel skates and some other brands and types of skates. Please follow the news on our website

Can I install this brake on my skate by myself?

The EBS 480 electronic braking system is not very complicated to instal. If you follow the assembly instructions which is part of the set, you should have no problems installing and adjusting this brake. The set includes the necessary Allen keys for mounting and adjusting the brake. In this package you will also find a picture attachment, which will greatly facilitate the assembly and adjustment of the brake. You can also check out the SUPPORT page on this site for other helpful tips, photos, and videos. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Where can I find replacement brake pads after wear?

If the rubber brake pads wear, you can easily buy them in our e-shop or at EBS 480 sellers and suppliers. You can also buy other parts for your in-line skates such as wheels, bearings, etc. at very affordable prices. Follow the news on our website.

Why is the price of EBS 480 set so high?

Our electronic braking system EBS 480 is a very sophisticated electronic device. The development and implementation of this technological innovation was not easy and cost a lot of time and money. Consider that for more than 200 years, no in-line skating company or an individual has come up with a solution that allows you to safely regulate speed and brake when you ride on inline skates.

Our electronic braking system EBS 480 is packed with state-of-the-art electronics that allow you to brake very smoothly and efficiently in any situation and whenever you need it. As with cars, our braking system is self-adjusting, which means automatically adjusts the distance between the braking segment and the roller wheels. It also includes acoustic and optical signaling, etc.

This braking system was developed mainly for the protection of your health, whose value is certainly not quantified.