Our product

After two years of hard work, examination and testing, we have developed for you the Stopskate EBS 480 electronic brake system.

This unique and revolutionary brake system consists of a remote control and two brake callipers —one on the right skate and the other on the left skate. The remote control simultaneously controls both brake callipers which—depending on the position of the regulator on the hand-held remote control—brake the wheels of both skates simultaneously. Braking is very smooth and at the same time, at the maximum pressing of the regulator knob, it is sufficiently intensive.

The whole system is powered by high-quality Li-Ion batteries, which can be recharged via micro USB ports located on both the callipers and the remote control. Also supplied in the package is a charger with three USB ports and three micro USB cables. When fully charged and used appropriately, these batteries will keep the brake set operating for two to four hours.

The system is programmed to be “self-adjusting”, i.e. it adjusts itself to the correct minimum distance from the skate wheel with gradual wear of the brake segment. Our EBS 480 electronic brake system is equipped with both optical and acoustic signalling when you are near the end of the battery capacity on the callipers or in the remote control.

To make certain activities even more enjoyable and safe for you, we have provided our unique brake system with a STOP button that allows you to safely put on and take off the skates while standing, but also to safely overcome obstacles such as stairs. Braking with the Stopskate EBS 480 electronic brake system is very easy, comfortable and safe and you will learn it in minutes.

The brake system EBS 480 developed by Stopskate s.r.o. requires almost no maintenance. It is only necessary to replace occasionally worn brake segments and recharge discharged batteries before you can use them again when skating.

Spare brake segments can be easily purchased e.g. at our e-shop:

www.stopskate.com. On this website, you can also follow other novelties that we are already preparing for you.

To find out if you can install our EBS 480 brake system on your skates, check the outer packaging, assembly instructions, or visit our website www.stopskate.com, or send us an e-mail: info@stopskate.com

The installation and adjustment are not very complicated. Follow the instructions in the manual.

We will be happy if you share with us your experience in using the EBS 480 electronic brake kit. We will use your experience to develop new brake systems for in-line skates.

We wish you great fun using our revolutionary brake system.