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Jaroslav Černý



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Patrik Partsch

Patrik Partsch

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Lukaš Jevický

IT specialist

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Tereza Vyroubalová

Tereza Vyroubalová

Managing Director Assistant

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CZECH and SLOVAK – Distributor

Michal Vysoudil

Michal Vysoudil

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AUSTRALIA – Distributor

Michael Ford

District Skate

Michael Ford

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AUSTRALIA – Sales Representative

Martina Šmejkalová

Martina Šmejkalová

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Sydney, Australia

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Lars Steinsiek

Sport-Net GmbH

Lars Steinsiek

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33609 Bielefeld, Germany

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U.K. – Sales representative

Jiří Novotný

Jiří Novotný

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London, U.K.

About Stopskate


The founding of Stopskate s.r.o. on 19 October 2017 was just another logical step in the implementation of the idea of the founder and co-owner of the company, Mr. Jaroslav Černý from Olomouc.

The idea of how to effectively, reliably and safely brake in-line skates had been in his head for a long time. When he was starting with in-line skating, the only—but very important—problem was how to slow down and stop safely.

He learnt very soon how to ride forward and backward, how to cross one leg over the other, and, over time, even how to make pirouettes and other tricks. He also adopted some of the few methods to slow down or stop the skates. However, none of these options was nearly as effective and safe as the situation and driving safety would often require.

He realized that quite a very large percentage of the skating public was struggling with this problem (according to surveys, up to 26% of skaters do not know how to slow down or stop, or have a lot of trouble with it) and statistics on injuries clearly indicate a relatively high risk of in-line skating.

So, after a few years, the idea of developing and constructing a fully-fledged brake system that would solve this fundamental in-line skating deficiency was born.

In May 2017, he began his first attempts to design a technical solution of brake system for in-line skates. After several months and many attempts, the first small but important achievements began to appear.

Great progress came when he met Ing. Patrik Partsch, who really liked this project and started working closely with Stopskate s.r.o. All further attempts and improvements then pushed the project quickly forward.

At this stage of the project, we had our invention registered with the patent office.

The Stopskate trademark has also been registered.

Another important date for this start-up and the future of Stopskate s.r.o. was the offer of cooperation to his future partner, Ing. Jan Tichý, who brought important capital to the newly established company, as well as technological background for production and years of experience with the management of his own very successful company.

In the coming months, the company management has expanded to include other capable engineers and associates. In January 2019, we began to intensively prepare our production and create a marketing strategy.

We are a young, very dynamic and ambitious company that has set itself the task of making in-line skating a much safer sport and fitness activity that will be even more accessible to the general public than it has been so far.

Put a STOP to falls, a STOP to abrasions, a STOP to fractures and other unpleasant injuries!

With further development and innovations, we would like to introduce to the market, in the future, increasingly sophisticated and more advanced brake systems, which will bring their users a much safer and more comfortable ride that they can fully enjoy.

Yes, in the last 200 years, there have been many changes and creations in the world of technology. But for over 200 years (!), we have been having the same in-line skate technique as well as the same imperfect brake system!

This period now comes to its


Now comes


This revolution is called:

For the whole team of Stopskate s.r.o., I wish you all a lot of amazing experiences and many safe kilometres on your in-line skates.

Jaroslav Černý

Founder and CEO of Stopskate s.r.o.